About me

I am an illustrator, poet, short story, and novelette writer pursuing publication as a kid lit writer.

http://otissalmoneus.deviantart.com/ Illustrations
https://vorethspromisesaga.withknown.com/ GN blog

My favorite Manga Artists

Lyn Okamoto who did Elfen Lied Kaori Yuk who died Count Cain Other examples if asked.

Manga I love & recommend

I've a big fan of Elfen Lied, Count Cain, The Embalmer, and other darkly manga.


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It's going to be a while before the first 15 or so pages or so are out. Trying to balance the main writerly life like submitting to magazines and doing regular illustration. But hoping to adapt the first episode soon.^^

Written on September 24, 2015