Community Guidelines

MangaDojo is an online community for manga creators, consumers and everyone inbetween.

Our goal is to create an ideal environment for manga artists to present their work, share their knowledge and collaborate with other artists, as well as for readers to enjoy new manga and support their favorite artists.

We have a very broad understanding of the term Manga. In essence, we believe that manga is a medium – as opposed to a particular drawing style – which allows people to tell immersive stories by making use of symbolism, graphic design and a wide range of storytelling techniques.

Therefore, we welcome all kinds of drawing styles, including but not limited to realistic, european or american styled work.

Rules for submission

There are only a few types of works that we do not accept here at MangaDojo and they will be deleted upon finding:

MangaDojo is a place for manga artists, hence photography has simply no place here. However, it is acceptable to add elements from photographs to your drawn or painted artwork, so long as the whole artwork can not be considered a photograph. Also, it's allowed to add photos with pragmatic content (i.e. a photo of the art tools you use or a photo of your painting on a canvas), just so long as it's not the photograph that is the artwork.

3D Graphics / CG
Artwork that has been rendered or otherwise generated with a software (i.e. fractals) is not allowed either, unless it is used in moderate combination with drawn content.

Content that is not your own
It goes without saying that all of the works you add to the MangaDojo must belong to you.

Other than that you are free to add any type of work, be it created with traditional or digital tools.

Lastly, it is important to understand that MangaDojo has no moderators. It is your sole responsibility to put your work into the appropriate category so that it can be found more easily by the appropriate target audience.

General Etiquette

We wish to make MangaDojo as pleasant and productive a place as possible for all visitors and participants.
At the same time, we value peoples ability to express themselves freely and prefer not to have numerous rules ristricting it.

For this reason, we would like to encourage you to follow only one simple guideline:

Expect to be treated by others the same way you treat them.

If you encounter a comment or images that makes you want to start a flame war, take a second to remember that you will be met with the same attitude you are exhibiting.

In a nutshell – if you wish to receive helpful and friendly feedback, all you have to do is be friendly and helpful yourself.

And now, please do enjoy your stay!