About the MangaDojo

MangaDojo is an online community for and by manga creators and consumers.

The goal of the MangaDojo is to provide all manga enthusiasts with an ideal platform to share and present their work, get valuable feedback and simply enjoy reading indie manga.

What's different about the MangaDojo?

Yes, there are plenty of communities for manga fans out there, but few are completely dedicated to manga.

MangaDojo aims to provide creators and viewers alike with the best possible tools to upload and present their work, as well as read and discuss it.

How does the MangaDojo work?

MangaDojo offers a very flexible submission process, which means that you can add a lot of different types of content very easily.

"Traditional" manga pages as well as webmanga, artwork galleries, tutorials, resource collections... heck, you can even use it to work on private commissions!

The submission process consists of three parts:

  • Creating a manga (containing basic details and a description of your work)
  • Adding chapters (which determine the layout and other properties of your content)
  • Submitting pages (a.k.a. the building blocks of your work; they can be images, text, videos or downloadable files)

At no point is there a need to code your own HTML & CSS, and yet you still get a lot of options to customize the look and feel of your work to make it unique.

Can anybody join?

Yes, now that the MangaDojo is in public beta, anyone can join for free by clicking that button in the top right corner!