Kid Soldier Official Manga Trailer Video


Kid Soldier
Debut: 2008
Genre: Crossover,Video games,Action Comedy
Demographic: Shounen
Creator: Kirasupa Sukira
Characters originated by: Peter Gallagher & Jean Chalopin & Bruno Bianchi

in the Far distant future of earth the world government is underattack by the evil general mace who is about take over the entire world the military global enforncers sent 5 individuals Rameda,Heathcliff,hector,wordsworth and mungo Kid soldier and the military troop cats & his long time friend Kage with Riff Raff,Cleo,leroy and the others
are fighting against mace's vicious world dominating ambition from happening and must stand against any threat from harming people and other regions of society going in chaotic in an all out war fare to fight to the death and high risk & massive destructive mayhem.

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Characters: Heathcliff & Cats and Co © by Dic, & Creator Syndicate.

Kid Soldier Official Manga Trailer Video
Chapter Cover
Kid Soldier & the Military troop cats Manga The Official Promo Trailer

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