About me

I'm a frelance and webcomic artist!

My favorite Manga Artists

Its not me.

Manga I love & recommend

Otomen, Mokepon, Dragon Voice, Neon Glow

Commission information

1. Send me a note. Make sure to give me any and all details! 2. I will send you a sketch along paypal. 3. Once the sketch is approved and payed for, I will finish the art. EXTRA INFO: - If its not on Price list but you want it. You are free to point at something in my gallery and ask. - If you want something for Web sites, flash game or Professional work, my rate is $10 an hour. - Please have the money on hand before ordering! and also know how to use Pay Pal. - I take Paypal and Credit Card only. - You may have three (3) tweaks on your picture. Best to give any and all feedback in one blow if you can. They are to make sure the character your looking right. I am not your husband moving furniture for you. ;3 - If I say no, no is no. Talking me into something only makes me want to work with you less.


Flash art
Flash Game Art
Digital Illustration


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