324 New Comer to the Frey Kaoroko


Kaoroko Saw a Sonic Boom which is an all out war in Akihabara Japan Kid Soldier, Kid Striker, Kid Magnum & Heathcliff and cats and company are Fighting Maces Army who team with the Crime Lord Empire to Takeover Japan but Child soldier and troop cats holding off and Standing against them, than Kaoroko put herself mysteriously to fight off mace’s army & Help the heroes out to Fight back, Mace & Sergeant Akugan are planning a comeback Surprise during Sunset at the afternoon Rameda, Heathcliff, Hector, Wordsworth & Mungo, Daniel, Lefty, Knuckles & Raoul are met her where she relaxed her feet in the water at Docks Having a Conversation for a While about her life as a human Feline on Duty. Suddenly Kaoroko’s ears Heard a Sound Thrusters, vrooming General Mace’s Imperial aircraft spotted the Kids and Preparing fire at them in range, Rameda, Daniel & Kaoroko & the Cats Jump off & got their selves Blown away by the Explosion.

324 New Comer to the Frey Kaoroko
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