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Kid Biker a Cocksure and Confident Child Soldier is a long junior Veteran who rides a Military Motocycle fought out the black nark in the roads of the in Japan last week. one of General Vanlser Recruites are invading College campus to go after a long veteran who's Science teacher and Kid Soldier,Kid Striker.Heathcliff and Comrades are Banning together fighting off the black nark forces after school and cleo and beast soldress goes inside the school to face off the imperials while Kid Soldier,Striker and the Cats Wage them in combat at the stadium.

Kid Soldier and the military troop cats®. is © by Takeshi® Video games Studios inc. Characters/Heathcliff ® is © by Creator Syndicate inc.
Cats and Co® is © by Dic® Entertainment inc. All Rights Reserved.

© 2008 by Kirasupa Sukira (C.TWashington).
Heathcliff and the Catillac cats are
© by Peter Gately Gallagher
© by Jean chalopin



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