Phantom Quiet Storm Trailer TV-MA


Phantom Quiet Storm Manga Series Trailer TV MA
ファントム クワイエット ストーム マンガ
Demographic: Seinen
Debut: 2009
Official Trailer of the Action Sci-fi Fanasy Super hero Noire series Phantom Quiet Storm Series based on Video games Created and Wrriten by Kirasupa Sukira Creator Kid Soldier & Freedom Fighters

The Manga Containes Animalistc Adult Content like Hermaphrodite on Female Sexual intercourse,Brutal Massacre Violence and Strong Language and Dark Murder Cases and All Animal Male on Male Animal Sex theme Pages Plus Blood and Semen. the Manga series is a True Representation of Phantom Quiet Storm.

© by Takeshi Video games inc.
© 2009 by Kirasupa Sukira

Phantom Quiet Storm Manga Series Trailer TV MA
Phantom Quiet Storm Manga Series Trailer TV MA

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