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General Mace is Planning Attack for Vengeance by Attacking them at New York in the USA since the Past years Rameda as Kid Soldier & the Military troop cats who are Heathcliff,Hector,Wordsworth and Mungo Fighting against Mace from accomplishing goal of World Domination now the 5 Member Soldier team are on a mission seek the Bombings of New york as the Attacks lead by a new enemy. met 3 old friends who are a new Military fighting force with a new Police Soldier by the Kid Magnum.

Kid Soldier and the military troop cats®. is © by Takeshi® Video games Studios inc. Characters/Heathcliff ® is © by Creator Syndicate inc.
Cats and Co® is © by Dic® Entertainment inc. All Rights Reserved.

© 2008 by Kirasupa Sukira (C.TWashington).
Heathcliff and the Catillac cats are
© by Peter Gallagher
© by Jean chalopin



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