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General Henry Mace is Bent on World Domination and Destruction & Successfully Attacked the Military troop force 9. General Phoenix Sends the Help of 5 individual a 12 year old Japanese African Boy named rameda tetsumora & 4 Cats from the USA in West Finster, Heathcliff Toughest orange cat & Trouble maker,Hector a Cocky but Himalayan Cat,Wordsworth a Rhyming White cat with skates & Walkman & Mungo a Purple Dimwitted Cat & Strong Together they're Kid Soldier & Military troop cats & Must Fight mace's army from Taking over the world & They're Sent to New England to Fight off Mace's army in their first objective.

Kid Soldier and the military troop cats®. is Trademarked & © by Takeshi® Video games Studios inc. Characters/Heathcliff ® is Trademarked & © by Creator Syndicate.
Cats and Co® is Trademarked & © by Dic® Entertainment inc. All Rights Reserved.

© 2008 by Kirasupa Sukira (C.TWashington).
© by Peter Gately Gallagher
© by Jean Chaolopin
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